Daily Routine

Daily Routine


7am - Morning Smoothie Shake

Prepare your morning smoothie shake to wake up your body. Get a concentrated amount of plant based vitamins and minerals from all natural products.


7:15 AM - 10 Minute Morning Cardio

Put in 10 minutes of high intensity cardio in the morning before work.


10 AM - Mid Morning Snack

Eat a healthy snack mid-morning to get you through. Eating many small meals throughout the day helps speed up your metabolism. Instead of eating 1 HUGE meal.

Soup and Salad

12 PM - Lunchtime

Eat a healthy lunch like soup and salad. The consumption of carbs, fats, and protein are important. Try your best to reduce the amount of meat you consume to 20%. Vegan is always best.


3 PM - Mid Afternoon Snack

Eat a healthy mid-afternoon snack to get you through the day. Eating many small snacks throughout the day helps speed up your metabolism. Do not save up to eat 1 HUGE meal.


5:30 PM - Workout

You’ve worked all day. Now it is time to workout. Get about 30 – 45 minutes of high intensity exercise to build muscle and burn calories. Boosting your metabolism only works when you build muscle. The more muscle you have, the longer your body burns calories at rest. Cardio burns calories during the workout and stops when you stop.


7 PM - Pre-Dinner Smoothie Shake

Eat a pre-dinner smoothie shake which helps you put more vitamins and minerals back into your body after your workout. Plus it will fill your stomach which will cut your appetite.


7:30 PM - Dinner

Dinner time. The trick to this routine is to limit the amount of dead cooked food you consume. Also, a normal ratio of food on your plate is 1/3 carbs or starch, 1/3 vegetables, 1/3 meat. Try your hardest to cut the meat down by 50% and replace it with vegetables by 50%. Also, do the same thing with your carbs and starches. Cut them down by 50% and replace it with more vegetables.

Drink plenty of clean bottled water, free from flouride, throughout the day. Your body needs and requires water. Water helps you digest and process food among many other benefits from drinking water.

Sugar is not the enemy. Your body needs sugar for energy. Sugar is in your DNA. Deoxyribonucleic acid is made up of  3 parts: phosphate group, a sugar group and a nitrogen base. Sugar is in your DNA.

The problem is the type of sugar you are consuming. You need to eat Complex Carbohydrates. These types of carbs that take longer for your body to digest. These are found in natural vegetables. Vegetables have fiber which slows down the digestive process and the release of glucose into the blood is at a slower rate compared to simple carbohydrates like cakes, cookies, soda, or candy. These types of carbs can be dangerous for diabetics who are trying to maintain stable blood glucose levels.

Reasons why exercise is so important.

1. Exercise controls weight
2. Exercise combats health conditions and diseases
3. Exercise improves mood
4. Exercise boosts energy
5. Exercise promotes better sleep
6. Exercise puts the spark back into your sex life
7. Exercise can be fun … and social!