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I became a certified personal trainer in Tampa in 2004 and worked at Lifestyle Family Fitness on west Hillsborough about a mile pass Sheldon road. I worked there for about 3 months then I relocated to Atlanta. I then worked at Ballys for a short time then I settled in at La Fitness. I trained over 100 clients in 2 years. Then that’s when I fell into doing fitness boot camps.

In 2007, I started my first boot camp in the Buckhead area, and it changed my life. I had one of the first ever fitness boot camps in the Atlanta metro surrounding areas. Over the next few years, I setup outdoor boot camps in all 4 counties in the Atlanta metro area. I even did like Lebron James and took my talents down to South Beach Miami. I setup camps on he beach and parks on the north and south side of Miami. During the winter, I would come back to Tampa and setup winter camps here in Tampa.

I then relocated back to Atlanta with a new agenda. I went into the elementary school systems and began training teachers at their schools. Over the next 3 years, I was running fitness boot camps in at least 50 schools with 15 to 20 teachers in each class. I must trained over 1000 people in a 7 year span. I then retired in 2013.

Now back in Tampa assisting 2 elderly parents, I have decided to come out of retirement to help laides in the Tampa area learn about health and fitness and all the secret tips and tricks about exercise and nutrition and supplements and lifestyle.

Instead of beating you up for 4 days a week in a hardcore workout program, I have a 1 day a week program where I teach tips and tricks so that you can do these workouts at home on your own time along with a lifestyle protocol.

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Tim Thomas