Tampa Fitness Pro is all about good health and weight loss which is not just a journey…. it’s a destination!

Health and weight loss is a way of life…Take care of your body by working out regularly and eating clean. You only have one body… treat it right or it will break down! You are the master of your destiny. Take control of it.

Tampa Fitness Pro empowers and uplifts women to eat health and exercise. Eating healthy and clean flushes out the fat, flush out the digestive track, brings in vitamins and minerals that the body so desperately needs.

Tampa Fitness Pro empowers and uplifts women to exercise and get fit. Proper exercise helps you lose weight, tone up muscles, get that hour glass shape, gain more energy, feel self confident, sleep better, become more alert, become more alive.

Tampa Fitness Pro empowers and uplifts women adds more life to your years and add more years to your life.


Planning your daily schedule will lead you in the right direction.


Working out is the key to burning fat, boosting metabolism, losing weight, reducing the chance of heart disease… diabetes… stroke… and more. Plus you look better.


Eating healthy is the most important thing when it comes to your health when it comes to women trying to lose weight. You are what you eat.


Supplements are a key element for weight loss for women in Tampa Florida. The foods that you eat are lacking so much vitamins and minerals that your body is craving something healthy, but you continue down the same path until something breaks and then you call the doctor. Your body needs supplements to give it the proper fuel it needs…. and eating a salad and drinking diet soda or taking prescription vitamin D is not the answer.

I am working on myself, by myself & for myself…

Get fit. Get in shape. Live healthy. Eat clean. Exercise and get more energy. Look good. Feel great. Join today!